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  • To Be Confirmed after World AIDS Day 2014
  • To Be Confirmed after World AIDS Day 2014

‘Kick TB’s’ target market is young, school-going children and its communication is ‘on-the-ground’ experiential.

It comprises activation teams visiting schools throughout the country and giving each child a beautifully illustrated, match quality soccer ball with a strong TB/HIV awareness message.

Balls, balls and more balls …

Kick TB Soccer Ball

During phase one 115 thousand Kick TB soccer balls will be distributed throughout South Africa.  Kicking off in 2010, the campaign will continue for the next five years.

The message on the balls is simple and clear;  Coughing? Tired and listless? Night sweats? Chest pain? No appetite? Weight loss? Then go to your nearest clinic and get tested for TB!

Kick TB school visits

Kids are turned on by magical, memorable events. The school visits are unforgettable in terms of what the kids see, hear, taste and touch.

Together with the team, the kids see a larger than life character bouncing off a truck. He’s TURBO BOOTS. The umbrella theme is;


Who is Turbo Boots?

Turbo Boots

  • TURBO BOOTS is a specially created character who epitomises all that is healthy, positive and exuberant.
  • With absolute confidence, he is able to kick the scourge of TB. He is young and powerful, a positive role model to the nation’s youth.
  • Do what I do, is his message. He is neither black nor white, he is the rainbow that all young South Africans can identify with.
  • By rocketing TB into the back of the pandemic net, he shows the way; and he invites all South Africa’s children to do as he does and kick TB with TURBO -BOOTS!

An unforgettable experience

Imagine the KICK TB team arriving in a brightly illustrated ‘Kick TB’ truck. Music is blaring out a rap song rendition of ‘Every breath counts’.

  • Learners gather in the school hall to watch a beautifully created 8-minute movie telling the story of a boy and his two younger siblings orphaned by TB. It is moving yet inspirational, because the Kick TB TURBO BOOTS team with their soccer balls gave him renewed hope.
  • The learners then go outside and, WOW, there is TURBO BOOTS ‘come to life’ with his team. The team points out the TB symptoms on the soccer balls.
  • Learners are then lined up and, with the help of TURBO BOOTS and his team, they kick a ball at a portable soccer goal post.
  • Other vibrant activities also take place. They comprise all sorts of make every breath count  activities; blowing up balloons, blowing out candles, blowing celebration-type party toys, blowing vuvuzelas and being shown the special TURBO BOOTS soccer ball.
  • The fitting climax is TURBO BOOTS himself rocketing one of the balls into the back of the  mobile  goal posts. He has shown the way; and now he invites the kids to do as he does and kick TB with TURBO BOOTS!
  • The balls are then handed out and with much shaking of hands and hugs, the team leaves.

The ideal is to share this campaign internationally – having different countries ‘signing up’ and joining the INTERNATIONAL KICK TB TEAM. They must then implement the campaign concept in their own countries!