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  • To Be Confirmed after World AIDS Day 2014
  • To Be Confirmed after World AIDS Day 2014

Right to Care is a non-profit organisation (Section 21) that supports and delivers prevention, care, and treatment services for HIV and associated diseases.

Through technical assistance, Right to Care supports the Department of Health at national level. Support at provincial level is provided primarily in five provinces: Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, Western Cape, and Free State. In addition, through direct service delivery, Right to Care treats patients for HIV, TB, cervical cancer, and sexually transmitted infections.

In April, through ‘Kick TB & HIV’, Right to Care reached 170 inmates at the Caledon Correctional Facility in the Western Cape.  They screened the educational DVD to all the inmates that attended, and while 170 does not sound like all that many inmates, it involved 50% of the total inmates. Inmates did the kicking of the ‘Kick TB & HIV’ soccer ball, enacting that TB is a curable disease and committing to regular testing for both TB and HIV.   The outreach was done in three sessions,  each lasting about 90 minutes that left all participants with the following positive message:  by Playing, we are Learning, and Lives will be Saved!

Thank you for the hard work, Craig Chapman!  We look forward to many more ‘Kick TB & HIV’ activations together!