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  • To Be Confirmed after World AIDS Day 2014
  • To Be Confirmed after World AIDS Day 2014

South Africa, with the third highest TB incidence in the world, is one of the 22 high burden countries that contribute about 80% of the total global burden of all TB cases.

TB is one of the leading causes of death in South Africa, especially among people with HIV. The control and management of TB is therefore a governmental priority. This will help the country realise its vision of “A South Africa that is free of TB and the stigma surrounding the disease”.

Raising awareness and knowledge of TB amongst the South African population is essential in the fight against TB.

Who is Kick TB aimed at?

Primary School Learners. The campaign’s principal target will be primary school learners between the ages of 5 and 13 years. Approximately 115,000  learners drawn from diverse schools and backgrounds will be drawn to participate directly in the campaign. Special attention will be given to schools in the 18 priority districts identified by the Department of Health for accelerated interventions and TB hotspots (e.g. schools in mining areas and those in close proximity to hostels).

Educators. Educators, particularly in the selected schools will receive training that will equip them with knowledge on TB to be integrated into their routine teaching and interaction with learners during and after the campaign.

Family members. Parents, siblings and friends of the participating learners will, mainly through their interaction with the learners become exposed to the messages on TB that learners would internalise from the campaign.